Daniel Dominguez

Program Manager

Daniel Dominguez joined PMA in 2020 as Program Manager for The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). He continues their critical work in expanding feline care in Latin and South American markets, coordinating Portuguese and Spanish-language translations of the Cat Friendly Practice ® Program and working with international sponsors for maximum presence. Daniel also manages several events for the AAFP Annual conference, including the Feline Enrichment Contest, Student Scholarship Awards, Oral Presentations, and Poster Abstract Program.

Before joining PMA, Daniel served as a Developmental Editor for Springer Nature, where he oversaw the preproduction and compilation of over 20 professional manuscripts, annually. He coordinated with preeminent physicians and researchers in the fields of Oncology, Biomedicine, Clinical Medicine, and Radiology, as well as a global community of medical and administrative professionals. He expanded his role to Co-Founder and Managing Development Editor of his own project editorial firm, DeveD Inc, increasing output from 20 books individually to over 60 yearly submissions as an entity. With every aspect of a book meticulously planned and considered, Daniel values each question and idea as a valuable contribution to the health and success of a book. In challenging himself to begin his own business, Daniel understands the care, effort, and true benefit of a well-functioning team (virtual and in-person).

Daniel graduated from Kean University with a B.A. in English and Writing, focusing on the theory and process of both fiction and technical writing. He participated in several sponsored undergraduate research programs and contributed to the university newspaper. A born tinkerer, Daniel loves to review work with a critical eye, offering new perspectives or suggestions to help bring out the character of the writing. He continues his passion in his home life, writing fiction and collecting stories for an upcoming science fiction anthology.